Friday, March 26, 2010

Cocarosa 3.26

A fabulous blonde from New York City has created such a perfect, lovely, little blog called cocarosa. This blog is so beautiful and feminine, the pictures taken of her daily outfits are all washed out and it gives you a calming feeling when you look at them. I love this blog, she has gorgeous taste and hopefully you'll enjoy the wonderful outfits she has to share to the world.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fashion Chalet 3.13

This is Ms. Erika she is the founder of Fashion Chalet, and I believe that she has such an amazing classy style to share to the world. Erika is a freelance writer, graphic artist, and a bit of a stylist. I seriously love this blog, its a huge inspiration to me! Her style is so well put together unlike most people who are going towards the whole grundgy 90's look right now, which i'm all for, but up to an extent. She's gorgeous and I want to steal her closet!
p.s. has anyone seen the telephone music video by the lovely lady gaga and beyonce!
its amazing and you need to see it NOW

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pony Hunter 3.2

So totally just bumped into this blog, Pony Hunter, the other day and instantly fell in love as soon as i saw the header...i'm pretty sure that's what always gets me interested in looking more in depth in the blog. BUT this girl is awesome and has a very cool, different, and fun way of her style that gives you a lot of inspiration. She pretty much doesn't go TOO overboard with anything and if it is its very well put together. Hope you enjoy this one my little bunnies!

p.s. did anyone notice the date today?
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